Perch CMS

Simple to use

Perch is not only quick and easy to install, which allows me to get my clients websites up quickly, it has been designed to be simple to manage and maintain. There isn't a huge amount of training required to enable you to edit your websites content. Perch gives you the ability to make quick changes - helping you to keep your site right up to date with no hassle.

Full of features

Perch can be extended with a number of add-ons, which work flawlessly with the core. These include all the essentials required by modern websites; Blogs, Forms, Events, Galleries and even a Shop!

Complete control

Perch is extremely lightweight and gives me total control of the code. This means my clients benefit from fast and optimised websites, which are easy to maintain going forward.


On larger sites you may want to restrict editing of certain content to certain CMS users. For example, giving a HR department the ability to only edit new job postings. This is all possible with Perch.