Web Design

How I got started with Sass

24 December 2013 | Web Design

This very site was my first built using Sass. In this post I’m going to share how I got started using Sass, and what features I felt most comfortable implementing as a newbie.

A new beginning for new skills and tools

13 November 2013 | Web Design

Six weeks ago I went freelance full-time. I left my agency role and moved from Bournemouth to London. One of the first tasks I set myself was to create a new portfolio website (this site). I had an existing (but slightly neglected) site which I hadn't done much to since it launched 18 months ago. I felt that with so many other changes in my life it was a good time to start fresh.

I took the opportunity to use some new tools, which have been on my \'to learn\' list for far longer than I\'d like to admit. This is a major part of the freelance dream for me. Being a freelancer gives me the opportunity to refine my workflow and experiment with the tools that best suit how I want to work going forward.