Wireframing with pen and paper or on screen?

13 July 2016 | Freelance

I find wireframes really useful to get the requirements of the site clear in my head and as a way to visually discuss layouts with clients before spending time on the design visuals.

My Workspace

30 April 2015 | Freelance

As a freelancer it's vital to have a home office space you feel happy in. 18 months later I have a space that I not just like but feel productive in.

Freelancing Resources for Designers

05 June 2014 | Freelance

Making the decision to quit your steady paying day job and go freelance is one of the most important life decisions to make. Thankfully there are plenty of resources offering guidance. I stated reading up on freelancing a good six months before making the jump. Here is a list of the resources which helped me, and have been guiding me ever since.

Slate - Mobile AirDesk

03 February 2014 | Freelance

I backed, and later received the Slate – Mobile AirDesk via Kickstarter. It interested me as a freelancer as from time-to-time I enjoy working from other areas of my house, than just my office. This is especially true first thing in the morning where I like to be in a room where I can enjoy the morning sunshine pouring in, which unfortunately my office doesn’t get being a north facing room. I saw the Slate as an opportunity to be able to work anywhere in comfort.

Luxe Business Cards

27 November 2013 | Freelance

Having recently gone freelance and launched my new website I needed some new business cards. I ordered these lovely Luxe business cards from The quality of these are really quite remarkable, at 600gsm you’d be forgiven for thinking there were three stuck together.